Post-Doctoral Research Programme on Adaptation to Climate Change

About PRoACC

The post-doctoral fellowship programme on Climate Change Adaptation in the Mekong River basin is part of the IHE Delft Partnership Research Fund (UPaRF) that was established in April 2008, which aims to strengthen research output of the institute in collaboration with its partner institutes. The PRoACC programme started with the inception workshop in Delft 26-29 April 2010. Eight post-docs are working in this programme. See more information in the left hand navigation.

The main direct sources of funding for UPaRF are: (i) the research facility under the DGIS (Dutch Development Cooperation) - IHE Delft Programmatic Cooperation (DUPC), and (ii) the IHE Delft Internal Research Fund (IRF), which is based on the general subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW).

UPaRF has different fund allocation mechanisms, which are generally based on a system of competitive calls for proposals. However, this specific programme is only for post-doc fellowships, which is expected to significantly increase the research output in the field of Climate Change Adaptation of IHE Delft in collaboration with its partners.

The overarching objective is to investigate the many challenges of adapting to climate change from the different water-related perspectives of the different core groups of the institute (cf. Annex 1).

In PRoACC-1 eight individual post-doctoral research projects were implemented in close collaboration with key stakeholder groups from the Mekong River Basin. It resulted in 16+ scientific papers and many conference proceedings and workshops. In addition, by supporting researchers from the Mekong basin region, local capacities in research and education were supported. The scientific findings were translated for the development/implementation of better policies in the field of climate change adaptation in policy briefs. In addition, the capacity building aspect of this post-doctoral programme is significant.

All post-doctoral fellows come from the region and are hosted by local/regional knowledge institutes. This will strengthen regional cooperation further and the objective is that the post-doctoral fellows will continue to work on related topics in the region after the programme is finished.

Based on the results of PRoACC-1, a second phase ProACC-2 started with a kick -off meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in March 2013. In PRoACC-2 the research project has developed four themes, which in total 11 regional researchers implement their research projects in close cooperation with IHE Delft researchers. The four themes are:

 Enhancing the adaptive capacity and livelihoods of poor people to cope with climate change;

 Managing sediments and nutrients across scales and climate change adaptation;

 Urbanizing areas in the Mekong delta and climate change adaptation;

 International cooperation for sustainable water management and climate change adaptation (the 3-San Basin).

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