Post-Doctoral Research Programme on Adaptation to Climate Change


Post-Graduate Research Programme on Adaptation to Climate Change (PRoACC) with special focus on the Mekong River Basin - Phase 2


Integration workshop (17-18 February, Phnom Penh)
In Phnom Penh the researchers presented their (preliminary) research results and discussed next steps of research dissemination in the scientific, professional, and stakeholder communities. The workshop was followed-up or preceeded by local thematic stakeholder workshops, organized per theme. You can find the report of the inception workshop here.


Inception workshop (1-5 July 2013, Delft)
The postgraduate researchers were invited to IHE Delft Delft to set up the research programme and familiarise, develop research-policy framework in consultation and dissemination of the research with stakeholders, develop/discuss proposals per theme within the provided research-policy framework. You can find the report of the inception workshop here.


Proposal selection
Selection of regional post-graduate researchers (April-May 2013) - Postgraduate researchers have developed research proposals which were assessed by the PRoACC2 management team, IHE Delft experts and external experts. One proposal was refused (this gap was filled in January 2014 by the hiring of dr. Khanh Linh Hoang of the HCMC University of Technology). In the theme 4 transboundary water cooperation one position was open on water governance, for which was no capable researcher found in the selection period (this spot was filled by the hiring of dr. Mak Sithirith of the Royal University of Phnom Penh in November 2013).


Kick-off workshop
To be able to set up the PRoACC-Phase 2 in consultation with stakeholders, the kick-off meeting of PRoACC-2 was organized on Friday March 8th 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (immediately after the Mekong Environmental Symposium 2013). After the plenary kick-off, the days until Tuesday 12th March 2013 will be used for the four themes to further detail theme research proposals.

Start of PRoACC phase 2
We are currently recruiting post-graduate researchers (post-MSc, post-doctoral) from the Mekong region.
Download recruitment information or for all details the PRoACC programme document. Submit your CV, letter of motivation and research interest before 30 September 2012 to

Recruitment information

Recruitment of post-graduate researchers for PRoACC Phase 2

PRoACC Programme Document

Postponement of the Second Asia-Pacific Water Summit (2nd APWS), Bangkok, Thailand
Due to the recent severe flooding in Thailand, the Thai Government has postponed the organization of the Second Asia-Pacific Water Summit (2nd APWS), which was formerly planned to be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 2 to 6 February 2012, to no later than June 2012.

PRoACC workshop on 1-3 February 2012 in Vientiane, Lao PDR
The aim of the upcoming PRoACC workshop on 1-3 February 2012 in Vientiane, Lao PDR is to discuss the programme's scientific results and societal outreach including policy briefs and educational material. Second, the workshop is open for the discussion, based on experiences, recommendations on how to strengthen the role of research and the Mekong knowledge institutes in climate change adaptation in the Mekong, and how to best translate research into policy recommendations and link to ongoing climate change adaptation initiatives. These discussions will help in identifying needs and opportunities for continued cooperation in a regional partnership.



Download the Flyer of the Programme:

PRoACC Flyer